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Mobile – yet robust / solid

The diameters of achte frame systems enable high, unsupported constructions. An extraordinaty eight meters of vertical development are possible. The combination of robust supports, low weight and high torsional stiffness make our frame systems ideal for such large-scale displays. The easy handling during dismounting images allows change within minutes.


Rotating displays

Motives 360 degrees

Our eyes spot moving objects in a split second even inmidst of hustle and bustle. Use this feature for your effective ads on rotating displays.

We build rotating displays with engines or simple, manually movable models. Solid supports ensure required stability and safety. Even extra-large dimensions can be realised with this system. Excellent eye-catching displays measuring several meters are feasible. Talk to us!

As further specialty we offer background lit displays. Find more information in the menu entry on light boxes.

drehbares Display


Partitions for all occasions

Paravants create calm spaces, stylish environments, partition into multiple rooms or serve as background. Achte paravents are particularly light and solid at the same time. Fitted with textile prints especially produced for you, our paravents create the desired environment at the fair and in the shop.

We are your reliable partner for special assignments: We produce paravents of up to four meters height, upon request even bigger. All the same, our products remain light and flexible. Contact us about your requirements!