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Sale and rent

Companies present at the busiest fairs demand more often two-storey stand constructions.

To help you meet these requirements without cost inflation through investment and high storage expenditure, we offer you our support.


We lease and set up steel platforms.

The supports of our twin storey constructions, of MSH profiles 100/100/5, fit into the 250mm grid dimension. That means you can create spaces e.g. of 3.500 x 4.750 or 4.000 x 5.250 adjusted to the individual design of your stand. 45°-angles are standard; special constructions optional.

The floor joists are profiles U-200 with incorporated beams. The floor is covered by a lay plate. The composite ceiling is 300 mm thick.

Stairs have an inclination ratio of 181 x 270. The free passage way is 1,200mm.

The upper rim of the platform has a height of 2,896mm – this can be increased on demand in steps of 181mm.

Vertical bonds can be omitted upon demand. This creates additional design options. Use of trophed sheets instead of beams allows moreover to create a lower surface of the ceiling that does not require cover.

Please send us your floor plan, so that we can give you a free, non-binding offer. Our marketing team or Mr. Kleemann will be happy to answer any further questions.

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