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Blow the frame of your presentation

Your achte frame system helps you achieve a perfect presentation of your content without visible and disturbing construction frames. Brilliant, crease-resistant textile prints and our dismountable frames keep your presentation light and mobile. You can deploy impressive dimensions (formats), which would otherwise require fixed installations.


Unique change of images for optimal flexibility

Setting up, breaking down or packing – it'll be done in only few minutes

A glance at the back reveals simplicity in the complex: You can mount the pieces of the frame in a matter of minutes, ready for use after transport. Fix the prepared textile prints simply to the frames, take them off after use, fold for saving space during transport and storage and reuse at the next occasion. In the same speedy way, you can exchange one print for another. Upon request, we can fit hangers to your frames. The achte frame system ensures simple use, light weight, precision and maximum flexibility.

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Tissue prints put under tension

It's a waltz to mount the textile prints on the frames in a crease-resitant way.

Smooth rims and perfect edges enhance the message of your advertisement. Thanks to our specialised equipment we process the aluminum profiles in a way that makes sure that your message is at the centre of the presentation.

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Clean finishing

Edges and rims in the right places.

Our special quality work pieces get their final touch through true manual finishing by the skilled workers in our processing centre. This way you obtain top quality for precision fit. Chose between different profile depths (?) and frame colours. Special effects, such as LED back litting can also be delivered. We also produce special constructions for extra large fittings. The diversity of our profiles enables us to meet heavy duty demands. Contact us.

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